Pastors Winford and Charlette Taylor  founded Omega Christian Center in January 2006. The Taylors served as Deacons at New Life Temple Church in Madisonville until December 25, 2005 when Pastor Ralph Godfrey, Sr. laid hands on them and released them into ministry.

  Believing that they have been called to help gather the end time harvest, Winford and Charlette gave birth to Omega Christian Center. They desire to see men and women reconciled to God and taught how to live victorious in this life.

  Teamwork is not new to the Taylors; they have been partners in marriage since 1975 and business partners as founders of Domicile Realtors since 1982. They contribute their success first to their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and their commitment to Him. Secondly they believe they have been successful because they respect each other’s individual gifts, talents and abilities and understand that they must compliment each other.

  Winford has been recognized as one of Cincinnati’s best Realtors. He has been a member of the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors’ Circle of Excellence since 1982 and has served as a member of its Board of Directors. His achievements and contributions were recognized in 1996 with Applause! Magazine’s Imagemaker Entrepreneur Award. Charlette is Domicile’s administrator and oversees a second business, Restoration Ventures that purchases homes for renovation and resale.

  Winford and Charlette both received Bachelor degrees in Religion from Gulf Coast Bible College and Seminary in 2000. In 2003, Charlette received a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Life Christian University. The Taylors are the proud parents of three adult children and six grandchildren. All three children work with them at Domicile Realtors and are actively involved with Omega Christian Center.

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